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Established in 2003, H Tyre is a pioneer in aftermarket rims retailing and distribution. Throughout the years, H Tyre has grown from strength to strength, becoming one of Singapore’s biggest tyres and aftermarket wheel retailing centres with a “One Stop Service Centre” philosophy. From wheels and tyres to automotive repair and servicing, you can be sure H Tyre will be able to cater to your needs.


As the sole distributor of SSR, Rota and Mahom Forged Wheels, you can be assured of finding wheels with the most extreme offsets at H Tyre. Now with the introduction of forged rims, you can be assured of the quality of the rims you purchase at H Tyre. We also carry various brands and types of tyres to cater to your needs. H Tyre now offers the widest range of tyre selection with over 100 designs available – from high performance tyres for enthusiasts willing to take their cars for laps on the circuits, to wheels for light trucks – you name it, we have it!

H Tyre believes in adopting the latest and most efficient technologies in carrying out our various services and hence, we use only the most advanced machines, some of which can only be found in H Tyre within Singapore. With our competent and meticulous technicians at the helm of servicing your car, we promise to ramp your car’s performance to the next level for your ultimate driving pleasure.


Throughout these years, H Tyre has moved on from a traditional tyre shop to a one stop service centre for car lovers. We are currently one of the largest workshops you can find in town boasting 11 working bays with 2 of them being wheel alignment systems. All our equipment have been upgraded to the latest and we only use the best in the industry. We also have one of the largest and most sophisticated showrooms featuring rims and accessories in Singapore. With these, we received several awards and recognitions from several institutes and independent bodies for our high standard of workmanship.

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